A Canadian Social Worker

MSW (RSW, obvi) working in social services in Canada.


There is a difference between being a White Feminist and being a part of ~*White Feminism*~.

The former:

You’re a Feminist. You are White.

The latter:

Your Feminism is White-centric and ignores the specialized issues of Women of Color.

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Dollars, Five


A little kid wandered up to the desk and I overheard this exchange.

Kid: “I lost five dollars in the library.”

Co-worker: “That’s too bad. Well, no one’s turned anything in, but if you check back in a bit, we’ll let you know.”

Kid: “So…can you give me five dollars?”

Co-worker: “To replace the…

I am constantly misunderstood; a lot of people just don’t get me. It’s like how I’m perceived to be constantly going out with people. I’m just not. It’s like she’s a hopeless romantic so she’s a serial monogamist, always dating. They look at me and think: ‘Oh she has to be in love or she’s not happy.’ It is possible for a woman to be a romantic but also to be single and to be happy.

I will admit I have judged TSwift in the past.

If this is her…I may need to re-examine.

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so yesterday i was in london and i tripped up at the tube station and was helped up by this guy so i told my friend


and just now my friend sent me a link to this craigslist ad 



Update: i have now procured a date


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"Trauma permanently changes us"


This is what is so so hard for my parents/other people in my life to understand.

I am permanently changed because of Jon. Forever. I will be different forever.

And yes, eventually I will heal and feel better and maybe even feel happiness again, but I will still be different than I was before…

Well said.